How to plan

Need help and guidance?

We can’t provide guidance or advice about how to take your pension savings, but a specialist can.

Get help with finding guidance or advice, that’s right for you. Click on the guidance and advice menu item for more information.

Making a decision about when and how to take your pension savings is an important step. We have provided some tools, checklists and other resources to help you.

It can be useful to have an order to these things. We’ve tried to set things out logically to help, but that’s only a guide. The information you need is all here, no matter which order you do things in. 

You can access a copy of your statement and obtain a current valuation by logging into your online account.

What you’ll need:

Your last benefit statement from us

(so you know how much you’ve got with us)

Your latest statement or fund value for any other pension savings you have

(so you can build a bigger picture)

Details of your current outgoings each month

(even if it’s only a rough idea)

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