What will your retirement look like?


How long you'll need your money to last

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We can’t provide guidance or advice about how to take your pension savings, but a specialist can.

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Having plenty of options for taking your money is a good thing, but it can also make things more complicated.

What does ‘retirement’ mean to you?

In some ways, ‘retirement’ is an old-fashioned term. It used to mean that you stopped work altogether and got a regular income from your pension savings.

It can mean lots of different things now. You could keep working full time if you wanted to. You could go part time, or volunteer alongside taking your pension savings. As long as you’re 55* or over, you can take your pension savings in the way that suits you.

Making a Planning Summary will help to get you thinking about what sort of income, and lifestyle, you want in retirement. Considering a few key items will help you build this. 

Your Planning Summary is a tool to help you start exploring the information that’s available, based on your answers to eight short questions.

When you get to the end of the questions, you’ll have a list of topics to help you explore both this site, and your retirement planning in general. You can print this list off too, so you can add it to your planning paperwork and tick things off the list as you learn more.

Remember: the decision about how you take your pension savings is entirely yours. If you need some guidance or advice, here’s some more information on how and where you can access this.

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*the normal minimum pension age will increase to 57 from 6 April 2028 in line with changing legislation