Your State Pension

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Find out about your State Pension – when you can claim it and how much you could get.

It’s an important part of planning your finances in retirement and will form a regular part of your income from the age you’re able to claim it.

The State Pension

The State Pension is based on your National Insurance record, and when you reach a certain age (which depends on your date of birth and current legislation), you can start claiming it.

The State Pension

Currently, the full amount of State Pension is £221.20 a week (from April 2024)


State pension age

It’s important to be aware that your State Pension Age won’t always be the same age you’ve chosen to take your pension savings for your other pension pots.

Find out more about the State Pension Age.

Delaying taking your State Pension

Reaching your State Pension Age doesn’t mean that you have to start claiming your State Pension. If you wanted to, you could delay claiming it, and see your payments increase once you do start taking it.

This isn’t right for everyone, but it can be a useful option to know about when you are planning your income in retirement. You can find out more here.