Take your pension savings

Need help and guidance?

We can’t provide guidance or advice about how to take your pension savings, but a specialist can.

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If you know how you want to take your pension savings, and have explored your options, here’s how you take your next steps.

Remember: if you haven’t already, getting some guidance or advice can help you make the best decision for your future.

How do you want to take your pension savings?

I want to access my tax-free cash

I want to take all of my pension savings as a cash lump sum (for savings less than £10,000)

Remember, you can only choose this option if your pension savings are less than £10,000. You may be able to take this kind of lump sum up to a maximum of three times from separate personal pension savings pots, but each lump sum must not exceed £10,000.

I want to take my pension savings as one or more cash lump sums

I want to take a regular income

(an annuity)

I want to take a flexible income